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J2 Recruitment - what is all the fuss about?? Quick (and worthwhile!) Employer quiz for the RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS of Manchester:

1) How many times have you earned (or seen anyone earn) £10,000+ in commission for one month?
J2 Answer: We have paid this in one month of this year, we have paid several £3000+, £4000+, £5000+ £6000+ bonuses this year in comission and the average bonus so far in 2018 is almost £2000

2) How are you doing against your generic KPI's?
J2 Answer: Generic KPI’s?? Nope, we don’t have these ... pointless!

3) When was the last time your company set a monthly incentive, for 7 consecutive months, with prizes including: Vegas, Budapest, Amsterdam, a day at the races, afternoon tea & cakes / cocktails at The Hilton, Zip World or Indoor Skydiving?
J2 Answer:  We did this last year and took the team to Budapest for the weekend! Currently, we are taking suggestions on the next big incentive for the team.

4) How often do your bosses buy everyone breakfast or take you to Fazenda, Gusto, Grill on New York Street or Dog Bowl for lunch, just to say thanks for your efforts?
J2 Answer: Happens all the time – who doesn’t love to be treated!?

5) How efficient are your internal process & are you getting the right tools to do your job?
J2 Answer: Despite us only being 3 years old, we have already upgraded our computers, we have rolled out a brand new website, we’ve upgraded the phones to ones with time saving tricks such as being able to leave a pre-recorded voice message when you go through to candidate voicemails and our CRM has been upgraded too to the best there is. We pay for the best job adverts because we see the value in it and do everything we can in order to make sure we capture the widest audience possible, whilst continuing to build our brand at the same time! Everyone in the business has undertaken various external training courses based on their own areas of development too - everyone has had at least 16 hours of training so far this year with more planned.

6) How new / modern is your office and did you have an input in the design of it?
J2 Answer: We have just moved into an office 4 times the size of our old one designed by one of the Top designers in the UK. We listened to our employees input and have kitted it out with a bar, pool table, ps4 and a proper breakout area for everyone, we passionately believe in giving our employees a great working environment that they can be proud of. Think “cool, vibrant, airy, open, modern, quirky,

7) How much fun do you REALLY have at work?
J2 Answer: We have a really good mix of people in the business, each personality complements the team well; no one wants to have a boring time at work and one of our key requirements when we grow the team is that we ensure we get someone who can be a good cultural fit. One thing is for sure, work is never boring.

8) How would you rate your monthly team-builds?
J2 Answer: We genuinely love any excuse to go and have a good time, this is why we came up with “Play2” – our regularly team build (paid for by work, of course). We are off to Zombie Uprising next month and have already done, Crystal Maze, Breakout Manchester last month, we’ve also been go-karting, Foot Golf, cocktail making, clay pigeon shooting, Bowling, Junkyard Golf and loads more. We really appreciate how hard this job can be at times and we think it’s crucial that we say thanks to everyone for their efforts, we also see the value in spending time with each other away from the office and without talking about work!

It’s another exciting time at J2 Recruitment and we are expanding again. We have continued to grow our teams along with our client and candidate base, whilst politely declining to work for employers that we do not want to be associated with or cannot effectively support and we can genuinely say that we work with some of the best clients in our chosen sectors. In the last 2 years, we have lost 1 recruitment consultant and our attendance / sickness record is exemplary – to put it bluntly, everyone loves it here and our teams are really engaged.

We have an immediate requirement for 2 consultants (varying levels, depending on experience) and we have steady growth forecast for the next 3 years. We will provide you with a hot desk and everything you need to keep yourself a success (including proper training!) and due to our growth, we can offer genuine long term career progression opportunities that other agencies cannot offer right now. You’ll be joining a business where people’s opinions count and you could really help shape the business as we grow.

Whether you’ve got 6 months or 6 years’ experience, let’s have a chat. What have you got to lose from having a discreet conversation - you may not be looking to move from your current company yet, but it's worth knowing who we are for when you do.

Pick up the phone or fire us an email for a confidential chat…

James Fowler
Email: james.fowler@j2recruitment.co.uk
Tel: 0161 713 4127
Mob: 07707318361


How to get in touch

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details below, or get in touch via our social media channels.

J2 Recruitment · Unit 2.2 Waulk Mill · 51 Bengal Street · Manchester · M4 6LN · +44 (0) 1614 166 272 · info@j2recruitment.co.uk